Hello I’m

Mr. Kelber Polanco

IT consultant

Accountability Partner

Network Authority🧔

Virtualization Evangelist 👳‍♂️

Know about me

About Me

About Me


Mr. Kelber Polanco




1 829.744.4070

Date Of Birth:

9 July 1991


Santiago, DR.



13 years of experience in IT infrastructure with deep knowledge in complex network environments, servers and storage systems, Now involved in cloud computing business.

What I am most passionate about my work is empowered every project, goal or challenge to bring exceptional results to the customers. Over the course of my career, I acquired expertise in different labor environments such as work under pressure or emergency, leading important projects, manage company resources.

I believe in the power of empathy when connecting to people, internal workers and customers by listen engage and observe the situation and delivering solutions, fueling your mind with a good perspective of quality services.

Professional Core

What I can do better

What I can do better

Focus on value

Following the company process to get an excellent approach with the focus on the needs of the customers and users experience as I learned in ITIL v4.

Team Work

As a crucial part of every business, I always try to do the best in any circumstance when I cooperate in a team, using my skill and providing constructive feedback despite any condition in the environment.


I never say no, in my personal opinion, all technology solution has their pros and cons, always I am feeling curious to see new solutions and get the best piece of them and I try motivated my staff by showing new tricks of technology, trends, and new solutions.


I stand out for focus on finding practical solutions, always use a systematic ITIL-compliant approach to perform fast solutions in non-stop systems. Strong ability to deal with angry pieces of the staff in difficult situations when customers come with P1 issues.

What am I doing?

Accountability Partner

Accountability Partner

Eridani Data Services


Business Partner

  • Prioritize company goal-setting activities.
  • Tracks company goals.
  • Design of business model.
  • Push the Limits.

Some technical activities👇

  • Managed enterprise accounts.
  • Strong proactivity and transparent communication with customers.
  • Managed enterprise Systems like DraaS, Backup, Monitor and Firewall solutions.

Previous Work Experience💼

Synetek Solutions

NOC Analyst L2

  • Started as L2 technician work with different MSP solutions to provide customer services.
  • Managed internal project and teamwork with L1 and L3 tech.
  • Configure and maintain ConnectWise Automate to get proactivity server as network monitor and alerts, scripting, virtualization and more.
  • Involved in L3 cases like create building of quotation and material (BoQ and BoM), customer deploy projects, Deal with L3 tickets resolution.
  • Executive reporting and follow proactive cases.
  • Provide fast network and servers resolutions for L1 tickets challenges.
  • Provide opportunity sell orders when see something missing with customer’s infrastructure or services.
  • Now responsibly for NOC operations

Universal de CĂłmputos

IT Network Specialist

  • Respond to RFI/RFQ’s, create building of quotation and material (BoQ and BoM).
  • Supporting the sales team selling into mostly large corporates or government organizations.
  • Provide proactive advice for customer’s infrastructure.
  • Designed network topology diagram.
  • Install and maintain networking devices with failover and redundant solutions.
  • On-site and remote technical support for customers.
  • Designed Data Center solutions, virtualization with HP Blade system, Cisco Nexus Switches, S2 access control, Axis Cameras solutions, Fortinet Next generation firewall, Veritas Backup Exec.
  • Responsibly to deploy and maintain customers’ Data Centers with high level requirement for Tier 2 and Tier 3 standard of industry.
  • Server and network manager for the internal data center.

Botes & Jet-Sky Montolio

IT Help Desk

  • Deal with end-user issues, workstations, network printers, wire and wireless network
  • Determine root cause analysis for various issues.
  • Several times, I have been included in major escalations such server issue, WinSrv 2000 and 2003.
  • Physical workstation, laptops and mobile devices repair


Softmatica Collage

2005 to 2006


Cisco ID CSCO12484438

Softmatica Collage

2015 to 2016


Cisco ID CSCO12484438

NSE Training Institute




VMWare Learning



VMWare ID VMW-02936531y-02885728

Certifications In progess

  • ITIL Foundation V4  (Pending exam)
  • Azure Fundamentals  (Pending exam)

Other Certifications

  • FCNSA Fortinet Administrator
  • IT Glue Certified Professional: User Level 1
  • SPUCI Commscope
  • Customers services INFOTEP 2007
  • Windows Server 2008
  • HPE Hyperconvergence Miami FL
  • Axis Fundamentals Training Program
  • HP Sales Certified Enterprice Solutions
  • Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V
  • HP PSG Guatemala
What i'm good at...

My Skill

My Skill

My Professional Strengths

By nature, I always keep good humor to everyone in any circumstance, I believe that any difficult situation will resolve with a cool mind and the right direction at the moment.

I am passionate about lead critical network and server operations when one minute is important to all directions, I also excited about showcase my talent and expertise to everyone that want to grow in the industry.

  • Networking
  • Virtualization
  • Accountability
  • Strategist



Pretty Good


Language skills

Spanish - Native

English - Experienced and studying.

Personal characteristics

“Patience is a key element of success.”
To be successful, you have to be patient in all the times, because opportunity knocks without any notice and only the patient lot will grasp it. Bill Gates

  • A Friendly person in any environment
  • Positive and always available
  • Strategist mind
  • I think outside the box
  • Motivator
  • Curious mind
  • Passion for sharing knowledge
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Creative
  • Passion for helping people
  • Respectful
  • I believe and value time very much
Look at their opinions!



I met kelber, ten years ago, he was in charge of the computer system in Isidor Rodriguez & Asociados, I saw in him a respectful and charismatic young man, as well as professional and ethical, always willing to do his job.
He has a natural ability to find solutions to situations, it does not matter which, and giving you the expectation that everything has a happy ending, because he is so capable, trained and investigative, that he will find a way.
Kelber is invaluable to any company he work with, not only for his high standard in technical achievements, but his friendly treatment with everybody.

Leo Morales

Account executive - Isidor Rodriguez & Asociados. S.R.L

During the years that we were working together, I had the opportunity to see the professional and personal growth of Kelber Polanco, as he became a high value to the company and a respectful partner for everybody, as per his ethical and affable behavior.

I would say that determination is one main qualities of Kelber, and he demonstrated win his technical achievements that he was able to get what he proposed with efforts and perseverance. For more than 8 years, he was able to keep a good relationship with the employees, customers and the management.

Kelber was able to become a specialist in many IT areas such as Networks, servers, cybersecurity and his years in the area of support to both external and internal clients endowed him with a great capacity to serve cases in an orderly, efficient manner and always providing respectful treatment.

During the time that I had the opportunity to be his manager, Kelber was always willing to attend to the different requests that were required of him, and thanks to his investigative mind, he always had an answer to the different challenges that he faced.

Sharbel Fadul

Chief Operating Officer - Unviersal de Computos

When you get to know Kelber you realize he is a very special person.

He was born with a natural ability to find solutions to problems, with an endless desire to learn more and always be better, and he is so passionate about serving other people with utmost professionalism and respect while at the same time being charismatic and funny.

He is highly dedicated and motivated to do his job under any circumstance; he never complains about work or anything.

His presence is synonymous with success.

Kelber is irreplaceable as well as invaluable to any organization that has the luck to have him, because he is a model for the ideal teammate, ideal friend, ideal partner and ideal employee.

Arismonty Beato

Chief executive officer - Eridanird